Ep. 7312 – Krusty’s Super Fun House

Krusty’s Super Fun House has finally made it’s way to the TADPOG shores. Did it come courtesy of the Randomizer? No, we totally forgot to do that. What would have been a good game to fit into our Sea of Stars playing? This one. Tyler and Ian have some history with this game, while Dave does not. Where does this fit in the pantheon of all The Simpsons games? We do a pretty deep dive to find out. We talk some television, make a long draft, talk a lot about Mortal Kombat, buying some Famicom games and more. So please, come sit awhile and listen to us eventually talk about Krusty’s Super Fun House.

Krusty’s Super Fun House Shownotes:


Ep. 729 – Frantic Flea

Frantic Flea! We’re back to The Randomizer this week and ohhhhh man did it serve us one up. Have you had a deep yearning for a flea protagonist, everyone’s favorite creature? This may just be the game for you, and only you, we imagine there is only one of you. We hit the ground running with a food-based draft, we visit “Ian’s Horror Hole”, talk about some super hero movies, we hit some “Animay I?” and finally do more of deep dive into Frantic Flea that anyone was expected. So please, sit awhile and listen!

Frantic Flea Shownotes:


Ep. 725 – SimAnt

SimAnt! Finally, the time of the TADPOG ant has come AND IT’S A PHIL EPISODE! So come join us, and our foremost simantics (you’ll hear that a lot) expert, one Sandwich Pope Phil Hawkins, take a deep dive into SimAnt for the SNES…and for DOS. We talk about some games we have played, remember playing a few Double Dragon games, visit Ian’s Horror Hole, find out Ian’s true feelings on Jake Gyllenhaal, say the title of the many Sims games, and a few other things. So please, listen a draft, a little bit of game talk but mostly enjoy just sitting for awhile to listen. SimAnt!

SimAnt Shownotes:


Ep. 723 – HyperZone

HyperZone! Does that sound like a SNES game, a cheap 3rd party peripheral, or maybe a candy game at Chuck E. Cheese? Well, the one we are talking about is an SNES that is a totally new one on us. There is some Six Flags talk, some multiplayer game talk, and even a draft. There are some strong opinions about this strange, but in some ways not so strange, little game. But what are your favorite cartoons? Anyway, sit awhile and listen to some HyperZone talk, please!

HyperZone Shownotes:


Ep. 722 – True Lies (SNES)

True Lies (SNES)! That’s right, all these lies are true! We bring on our foremost truelieologist, Captain Gun Nerd Jon Turley to talk about the movie while we talk about the game for SNES. We do a draft, talk about Eastbound and Down, Joe Bob Briggs, that baby crying in Max Payne, stop motion movies, anime and more, a very deep dive into both the game and the movies so this episode is an especially thicc Girth Brooks. So please sit awhile and listen to our episode about True Lies (SNES)!

True Lies (SNES) Shownotes:


Ep. 721 – GP-1 & GP-1: Part II (SNES)

GP-1 & GP-1: Part II (SNES), YOU READ THAT RIGHT! We’ve finally decided to do the heralded GP series on the SNES! What? You’re not familiar? and the naming scheme for these games is bad and in the same vein as X-Boxes? I’m shocked. Outright and totally shocked. Well, please stick around for all that game talk. Maybe even a draft. There is some Cuphead talk to be had. We visit Ian’s Horror Hole and talk about some other movies as well. So please, come sit awhile and listen to GP-1 & GP-1: Part II (SNES)!

GP-1 & GP-1: Part II (SNES) Shownotes:


Ep. 719 – Mohawk & Headphone Jack

Behold! Mohawk & Headphone Jack! Some sort of Garbage Pail Kid collects discarded AOL Trial CDs in a completely nausea inducing Mode 7 sort of way! Sound good? Well, you should totally try it if it does. We talk about The Abyss, the best darn fair in town, the movie Critters and more. No draft on this one but it’s because we wanted to make sure and take plenty of calls. So come here a weird job offer story, some Tim Robinson talk, and the likely deepest dive you’ve ever heard in Mohawk & Headphone Jack.

Mohawk & Headphone Jack Shownotes:


Ep. 718 – Hook (SNES)

Hook for SNES is back! Remember when we did it many moons ago but had to delete it for court related reasons but we said all of those episodes would be redone over time? THE TIME FOR HOOK IS NOW! AND IT IS DONE PROPERLY AS IT NOW FEATURES IAN! We do our absolute favorite draft to date, so much so we made it a 10 pick instead of a 5 pick draft. We talk about the movie, the game, and so much more. So if you like the Hook for SNES and Game Shows, this one is for you. So please, sit awhile and listen!

Hook (SNES) Shownotes: