Ep. 681 – Indiana Jones’ Greatest Adventures

The time has come, after all that edge talk we have arrived at Indiana Jones’ Greatest Adventures. This SNES game covered all three movies of the original trilogy, so to fully understand everything that goes into this game – we had to watch all the movies and talk about them at length THEN roll into deep game talk over all the levels for three movies. There is plenty of movie talk and plenty of game talk on this one. So much so that we don’t get to all our normal segments. So if you like Indiana Jones then this is absolutely the episode for you. Sit awhile and listen! Indiana Jones; Greatest Adventures!

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Ep. 679 – Waterworld (SNES)

Waterworld SNES style! Did you love the 1994 Kevin Cosner movie about a world covered in water? YOU DID? Oh, you didn’t? Sorry, my ears are water logged. In a rare return to a game episode, Half of TADPOG Sweethearts, Nicole joins us to speak quite a bit about the movie Waterworld (you can’t talk about this game without understanding what in the world they are trying to replicate) and then the boys do a deep dive into this game. We talk special corduroy hates, games we have spent the most time on, Ian’s favorite brand of reusable water bottles, and we take a few special calls. Come sit awhile and listen! Waterworld SNES!

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Ep. 677 – Final Fantasy VI (World of Ruin)

Final Fantasy VI (World of Ruin) has finally come to pass. Does this episode sound a little different? Well, that may be because we are all wearing masks just to be safe from Ian’s brush with COVID but we still recorded an episode! Courtesy of the Randomizer, we decided to re-record out early episodes where we covered this game for IGN’s Top 100 SNES game. We discussed it over two episodes so we changed it up with our new formula into two again – this time with the World of Balance and the World of Ruin (essentially the front and back halves of the game). So now we get to break down the VERY different half of the game, but just as beloved as the World of Balance. Tyler and Dave break down the game while Ian acts more as an audience surrogate asking some important questions. We have our hearts in this one, so we hope you enjoy.

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Ep. 676 – Rival Turf!

Rival Turf

Rival Turf! We have finally arrived at the last (it’s the first chronologically but the last for us to do) in the Rushing Beat Series. Thanks to Nintendo bringing literally anything Jaleco makes, at whatever discount the license comes at, to the Nintendo Switch Online platform. We have to talk about the movie Prey and many things about the Predator movies. Ian continues with journey into the dark realm of anime, Dave gives us a look into the WB Multiverse game, and Tyler discusses his streaming. And we talk quite a bit about Rival Turf!, what we think about it, and how is compares to the games it tries to emulate. So why not come sit awhile and listen to three old guys talk about an old game. Rival Turf!

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Ep. 675 – Congo’s Caper

Congo’s Caper! Now ya’ll, this is certainly a chonker of an episode, mainly due to one factor – the reunion of TADPOG I.T. with Jon Turley! We talk about Ian’s new obsessions, anime and simulated power washing. We talk about some new television, new game releases, a few new movies and probably too deep of a dive into Congo’s Caper. How does this compare to Joe & Mac? What’s it’s relation to that game? Come sit awhile, listen, and find out. You can have a little Congo’s Caper as a treat.

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Ep. 671 – Final Fantasy VI (World of Balance)

Final Fantasy VI, yes, you read that correctly. The Randomizer threw Final Fantasy VI at us so we decided to take this opportunity to re-do our original two episodes over this game. We took is down for various reasons we get into knowing we would need to do it again – so here it is! This time we get to not just discuss the original but also the latest Pixel Remaster. Ian also gets to have his first experience with the game! So good things all around. With our new format, it doesn’t lend well to multiple episodes so for this we will be exclusively talking about the first half of Final Fantasy VI, aka, The World of Balance. So please come check out this new/old episode!

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Ep. 669 – King of Dragons

King of Dragons! The Randomizer won’t let you down, even when COVID and work related events will! We had to postpone the newest episode of The Scott Pilgrim game so we fell back on what the Randomizer chose after Tecmo Super Bowl – King of Dragons. It’s more medieval madness in the vein as Knights of the Round and Golden Axe. We do a deep dive as we all actually played this game together (Thank you, Nintendo Switch Online). But before that we talk about Death Note, how not to run a pizza place, and we take a fun psychological quiz – make sure to grab a pencil and paper so you can play along, it’s fun. Stop rolling your eyes, Dane. It’s fun. You’ll see.

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Ep. 668 – Tecmo Super Bowl

Tecmo Super Bowl is finally here, after we annoucned it a few months ago. Why is it finally here? That’s because Covid finally arrived in the Holland household. So we bring back the true Randomizer and knock out all three Tecmo Super Bowl games for the SNES. Due to all the covid, we have to all be remote so just bear with us – we hope to be back in person next week in person with a new episode of the Scott Pilgrim game OR another gem gifted to us by the Randomizer. We talk what games we have been playing, some movies, and then do a deep dive into these games. We also take a jumbo quiz. Are you a fan of the Scott Pilgrim Game D&D sessions? If so, let’s see how you stack up against Ian and Dave when it’s quiz time! Tecmo Super Bowl!

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