Ep. 442 – Tengen Ms. Pac-Man

Tengen Ms. Pac-Man

We’ve been playing our way through the NES Classic alphabetically and we made it to Pac-Man. We’ve already discussed Pac-Man, so Dave really wanted to talk about one of his favorite games of all-time: Ms. Pac-Man. To keep with the NES theme we decided to talk about Ms. Pac-Man for the NES. And because we’re apparently into taking risks, we decided to play the unlicensed Tengen Ms. Pac-Man for the NES (for the cooperative play). We also talk about finger smells, narcissism is a running theme, we listen to voicemail, and we prepare to embark for the Lousiville Arcade Expo.  Continue reading

Ep. 441 – Ninja Gaiden

Ninja Gaiden

Like two ghosts in the moonlight, the ninja podcasters stalk their prey. Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about Ninja Gaiden for the NES. If that’s not enough: We talk about jeans! We offhandedly mention Shallow Hal! There’s a Ninja Quiz!  Continue reading

Ep. 440 – Dream Daddy

Dream Daddy

On this week’s episode, we are continuing our Valentine’s Day tradition by talking about a romantic game with Rhythm Master Paul and Soul Sister Yarn Sorceress Chandra. The romantic game being discussed? Why that would be the 2017 (that counts as “old” right?) visual novel Dream Daddy published by Game Grumps. But that’s not all! We also eat Bad Dog spicy jellies and there is a “TV Dads Quiz”.  Continue reading

Ep. 439 – Metroid


TADPOG Sweetheart Josh Nance (resident Metroid lover) joins us to talk about Metroid for the NES on this week’s episode. We open a package from Kira and Bunny. There is a “Sounds Like Oid” Quiz.  Continue reading