Ep. 385 – Phantasy Star IV (Part 3)

Phantasy Star IV

Tyler and Dave, back in the saddle! Josh (of Uniracers fame) joins us to wrap up our discussion about Phantasy Star IV for the Sega Genesis. We finish talking about the game’s story and the rest of the game’s cast: Demi, Wren, Kyra, and Seth. If that’s not enough to entice you to hit the play button: We sip on Ecto Cooler Iced Tea and talk about circumcision (of the male and female variety!); Dave reveals his suicide notebook; Tyler and Josh talk about the LEGO universe they created; and we read a listener postcard from California.  Continue reading

Ep. 384 – Terraria and Talking About The South


Please note: There is an important podcast announcement at the top of this episode. Josh was back to talk about Phantasy Star IV, but we ended up talking about The South and Terraria instead. We talk about Fancy Misters and the Immortal Roach. We ask ourselves, “What Would Randy Quaid Do?”.  Continue reading

Ep. 383 – Phantasy Star IV (Part 2)

Phantasy Star IV

There can be only one Chaz! Josh (of Uniracers fame) rejoins us as we continue to discuss Phantasy Star IV for the Sega Genesis. This time we start our delve into the story of Phantasy Star IV, including the introduction to iconic characters like Chaz, Alys, Hahn, Rune, Gryz, and Rika. Some other important stuff happens too! We continue to rummage through Ruby Baron Paul Clewell’s package of barbecue sauces; we launch our annual Fruitcake Giveaway; Tyler quotes Tokyo Mew Mew; and we receive a postcard from the Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium. Continue reading

Ep. 382 – All Calls Talking About Mariah Carey

All Calls About Mariah Carey

Hey, wait a minute! Is this episode really about Mariah Carey, or are we just serving up some hot click bait? Either way, Melissa (aka Brainy Gatsby) joins us for an episode where we answer listener voicemail and text messages. What could possibly be more “Mariah Carey” than that? We talk about which games we’ve both spent playing; we discuss Sandwich Governors; we meet Chewbacco; we talk about Taylor Swift…kinda; and dad totally sends us a postcard from Beverly Hills!  Continue reading

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Ep. 381 – Phantasy Star IV (Part 1)

Phantasy Star IV Title Screen

Believe it or not, we are finally talking about Digital Trends’ 6th-ranked Sega Genesis game: Phantasy Star IV. We review the game’s basic mechanics, and reveal our favorite characters and memories. But wait, there’s more! We open a huge package from Ruby Baron Paul Clewell, and Dave’s dad calls in to tell us everything he knows about Phantasy Star IV. We take some calls, and (of course) we invent Borat Chess.  Continue reading

Ep. 380 – Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball

Sonic Spinball

Pinball Archmage Chris Edler returns! It’s been awhile since we last recorded a show with Chris, so he made the journey down to TADPOG Blanket Fort to talk about Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball for the Sega Genesis. We answer hard hitting questions in this episode like: “Do actual pinball skills carry over to this game?”, and “What the hell kind of video game system is ‘the Acoreyn’?”. Chris also talks about some of the cool new stuff in pinball, and we try some new potato chips.
Continue reading