Ep. 719 – Mohawk & Headphone Jack

Behold! Mohawk & Headphone Jack! Some sort of Garbage Pail Kid collects discarded AOL Trial CDs in a completely nausea inducing Mode 7 sort of way! Sound good? Well, you should totally try it if it does. We talk about The Abyss, the best darn fair in town, the movie Critters and more. No draft on this one but it’s because we wanted to make sure and take plenty of calls. So come here a weird job offer story, some Tim Robinson talk, and the likely deepest dive you’ve ever heard in Mohawk & Headphone Jack.

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Ep. 718 – Hook (SNES)

Hook for SNES is back! Remember when we did it many moons ago but had to delete it for court related reasons but we said all of those episodes would be redone over time? THE TIME FOR HOOK IS NOW! AND IT IS DONE PROPERLY AS IT NOW FEATURES IAN! We do our absolute favorite draft to date, so much so we made it a 10 pick instead of a 5 pick draft. We talk about the movie, the game, and so much more. So if you like the Hook for SNES and Game Shows, this one is for you. So please, sit awhile and listen!

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Ep. 717 – All Raw Calls (Julia): Retribution

All Calls is back! More Raw Raul Julia style! Why? Dave had to go to Vegas so we needed a very quick turn around and we only have 370ish more calls to get through to catch up. But before we get to our plethora of calls, we talk about Las Vegas, Power Wash Simulator, anime and more. So if you like calls, you’re in great luck! If you don’t, see you next week for a game! (But you should give the calls out, we really enjoy them). All Calls!

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Ep. 716 – WWF Super WrestleMania, WWF Royal Rumble, & WWF Raw (SNES)

Hey, look! It’s WWF Super Wrestlemania, WWF Royal Rumble, & WWF Raw for the SNES! All courtesy of the dream team that is LJN and the The Randomizer! We bring a real life wrestler in the form of Brooks Arnold (his family is well and we did out show prep all properly and whatnot) so this episode finally happens! Brooks tells stories of his wrestling days, we do an Athletes draft and talk some anime, movies, and TV before doing a deep dive into these 3 games. So please do us a favor, sit awhile and listen!

WWF Super WrestleMania, WWF Royal Rumble, & WWF Raw (SNES) Shownotes: