Ep. 394 – River City Ransom: Underground

River City Ransom: Underground

BARF! This week we’re talking about River City Ransom: Underground by Conatus Creative, the new follow-up to the 1989 NES cult-classic River City Ransom. Of course you remember that Blake joined us to talk about the original River City Ransom way back in 2015 (Episode 184 for those keeping score at home). Here at TADPOG we strongly believe in tradition as long as it’s cheap and convenient. So…good news, everyone (spoken in the best Professor Farnsworth impression we can muster)! We asked Oathbreaker Blake Woods to join us on this episode. Rhythm Master Paul Corn enters the fray as a new challenger who tells a poop story. Continue reading

Ep. 393 – Ultima Online

Ultima Online

We’re joined by TADPOG Sweetheart Josh and Wizened Sage Ian to talk about Ultima Online, the 1997 MMO by Origin Systems. Things get hot and sweaty as we try a bunch of hot sauces sent to us by Faceful of Alien Wing Wong. Burger Bottom Jon gets a new title (sorry Jon). Dave becomes intoxicated by memories of virtual murder. Who knew four sweaty adult men crammed into a blanket fort could have this much fun? Continue reading

Ep. 392 – All Calls with Bob EatsABaby

All Calls with Bob Eatsababy

All Calls are back, baby! We start by cracking open a package from Faceful of Alien Wing Wong. What’s inside that package? Is it a bunch of a region exclusive Doritos? Probably! Then we answer some listener voicemail. Tyler makes an important request to TADPOG Nation for the name of a cartoon featuring a wizard who controls shapes. We talk about Weird Skeeter. It’s revealed that Patron Saint Zach is old and TADPOG Sweetheart Josh is an immortal Mod God. There’s more Hoarders talk. And we start laying the groundwork for TADPOG Hunger Games. Continue reading

Ep. 391 – Oops! All Intro Stories! (Louisville Arcade Expo 2017)

Tales from the Louisville Arcade Expo

Burger Bottom Jon Turley returns (Jon, we’re gonna work on a new title for you, buddy)! And he’s here to play Audience Surrogate while we tell stories from the Louisville Arcade Expo (aka TADPOG Prom). There are tales from the go kart track! There are drunken tales of debauchery brought to you by Jägermeister! There’s a story about a field trip to the Pussycat Lounge! There’s even a little talk about the expo too! Continue reading

Ep. 390 – Persona 4

Persona 4

Drew and Bailey from Hops and Heroes join us to give their impressions of Persona 4, the RPG by Atlus. We do talk about the game a little, but there are lots of tangents about Bailey’s hair, the delicious and affordable Aldi/Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving, using an iPad with a large fleshy sponge-finger and of course Chris Gaines. Continue reading