Ep. 715 – Revenge of All Raw Calls (Julia)

All calls! Look at that show art! Ian and Tyler love it so much is deserves extra attention. Why another All Calls? Because Brooks’ whole family was sick and he wasn’t able to record and we don’t want to do these wrestling games without him so MORE CALLS it is. We talk about Heathers, Jawbreaker, Joe Dirt, and more. How about Lawn Games? We got lawn games and calls. So please, come sit awhile and listen to three old CIS white men take calls from strangers on the internet. Again. All Calls!

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Ep. 714 – All Raw Calls (Julia)

All Raw Calls (Julia)! That’s right, the calls are back! We needed some more time to play some SNES Wrestling Games so we decided to have Captain Gun Nerd Jon Turley on the show and take oh so many beautiful calls. We have a huge backlog but we are incredibly appreciative that so many people would call so much, it’s truly amazing. So thank all of you so much for giving us some great content and commentary that are these calls. Please sit awhile and listen to all your calls!

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Ep. 713 – Brunswick World Championship Tournament

Brunswick World Championship Tournament! That practically screaming bowling! And look at all those very recognizable faces on that not at all terrible cover art! It came out so late in the SNES’ life cycle that you know it was of the utmost quality and we are so very blessed by the Randomizer to play this gem of a game. But we also do a draft, visit Ian’s Horror Hole and get a little anime in our “Animay I?” segment. Like, love, hate or feel neutral about bowling, sit down awhile and listen to this one, won’t you please? Brunswick World Championship Tournament!

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Ep. 713 – Kawasaki Caribbean Challenge & Kawasaki SuperBike Challenge

90s KAWASAKI FANS REJOICE! EVERYONE KNOWS THOSE SUPER POPULAR KAWASAKI GAMES ON THE SUPER NINTENDO! WHAT?! NO?! I am soooo surprised. These may be pretty different games but they both have Kawasaki in the title so we’re going to do them together, and it’s a good thing we did. So please join us to talk Picard Season 3, Star Trek Strange New World, some Urkel, some Akira, and even do a draft. We then do as deep of a dive as we can safely do on both these games, which isn’t very deep. So please, sit awhile and listen!

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Ep. 713 – Aerobiz & Aerobiz Supersonic

Aerobiz has arrived and that means the great return of Pinball Archmage Chris Edler! To celebrate, we do a Movie Theater Snacks draft, talk anime in our officially christened segment, “Animay I?” We talk some television, visit Ian’s Horror Hole and do a deep dive in Aerobiz and it’s much better sequel Aerobiz Supersonic. Everyone loves Chris Edler, so sit awhile and listen!

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