Ep. 760 – All Drafts: Total Eclipse Edition

All Drafts: Eclipse Edition comes to blindly on this hallowed, the day of eclipse. Well, for us anyway. TADPOG happens to lie right in the path of totality so it was quite the day for the area. And quite the day for Ian, his has finally been bitten by the COVID zombie. He didn’t hide his bite but was a great host protagonist and told the group. So to not spread it, this episode sounds a little different since we are remote for it. So be patient and kind with us please, the plague must be contained. So listen to us go through some drafts with All Drafts: Eclipse Edition!

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Ep. 759 – Jurassic Park (SNES)

Jurassic Park finally dino DNA’s it’s way onto TADPOG shores. Sure, we have done Jurassic Park on the Genesis and The Chaos Continues AND The Lost World but somehow we completed missed the SNES version of the original Jurassic Park. Is it cool and shadowy like the Genesis? Can you play as the Raptor? STAY TUNED AND FIND OUT! (No, you can’t. It’s very very different). We also talk a lot of about the movie and what it meant to us as kids. We also do a deep dive into some random facts that are pretty interesting. So if you like all that sort of stuff, please sit awhile and listen!

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Ep. 758 – The Hunt for Red October

The Hunt for Red October has starting being…hunted. The hunt has begun? Began? We have hunted our hunt for The Hunt of Red October? Whatever. We watched a the movie and played an SNES game based off of it to continue our SNES Movie Games series. TADPOG brushes up on our best Scottish accents and reach deep in the guest host bag to pull out another reunion of TADPOG I.T. with Jon Turley! We talk about smart household technology, appliances that play songs, other submarine movies, and several Kelsey Grammer projects. If you like the movie talk, and the game talk, and all our various tangents while we do all the movie and the game talk then you’ll certainly like this one. Please, come sit awhile and listen.

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Ep. 757 – All Calls: The Michelle Prophecies

All Calls: The Michelle Prophecies has finally come to pass as it was foretold in the days of old. And by old I mean so old you may know it by another name. Classic TADPOG. We had to dona double recording this week because of life, so rather than stress ourselves out really hard we decided to instead be happy and related people by just taking some call. So we very much hope you can give us another overworked and in need of therapy recording with All Call: The Michelle Prophecies!

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Ep. 756 – Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Bram Stoker’s Dracula FLIES on into TADPOG studios. You know, cause he can be a bat. Or mist. Does mist fly? I guess it does but maybe not in a traditional sense. It just sorts of mists around. Anyway, we finally get to Bram Stoker’s Dracula on the SNES and the movie in its full glory. Worry not, we really hit the movie part on the head here with copious amounts of movie talk and interesting tidbits. We also talk about the game. Spoilers, there may be a lot less to say about the game. But if you like Dracula and Gary Oldman, then this is the episode for you. Please, sit awhile and listen!

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Ep. 755 – Leap Day Shenanigans

Leap Day Shenanigans, courtesy of Leap Day William – fresh from the Mariana Trench – with candy to trade for our tears. Why tears? You know what is coming next week. BUT UNTIL THEN, we only had 2 days of turn around so we had to do something different. So let’s do that. We talk about things that have been happening, take come calls, discuss some theories. Oatmeal Cream pie constructions. You know, Leap Day Shenanigans. So please, come sit awhile and listen! We hope you do like these more personality driven episodes.

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Ep. 754 – All Calls (Definitely Not AI Generated)

All Calls (Definitely Not AI Generated) come back. We are not AI for the purposes of this episode. We are old men playing old games. The games are not right now but there are calls coming instead. It is our hope that you enjoy the calls that you made to us. Terrified Michelle is a caller that made several calls but there is also Beloved Adam. What a guy. Callers are also named Aaron and Brewpounder. Ian likes television shows and talks about one where blind people do not come from Jason Momoa but people who can see do. You will meet understanding upon listening. Goodbye for now. Please be seated for a longer than average time and hear the words said in the podcast. All Calls (Definitely Not AI Generated). The Tropic of Capricorn.

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Ep. 753 – Casper

Casper ectoplasmically slides its way into our episode list this week! We just had to see what other gems Absolute Entertainment could cook up for us. Ian and Tyler had some very positive memories of this movie and Dave had never experienced it before so we’re ripe with movie talk on top of the game talk this week. We also talk about some Marvel movies, some Marvel shows, The Dark Tower and more. So won’t you come sit awhile and listen to some old guys talk about Casper, the friendly ghost?

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