Ep. 754 – All Calls (Definitely Not AI Generated)

All Calls (Definitely Not AI Generated) come back. We are not AI for the purposes of this episode. We are old men playing old games. The games are not right now but there are calls coming instead. It is our hope that you enjoy the calls that you made to us. Terrified Michelle is a caller that made several calls but there is also Beloved Adam. What a guy. Callers are also named Aaron and Brewpounder. Ian likes television shows and talks about one where blind people do not come from Jason Momoa but people who can see do. You will meet understanding upon listening. Goodbye for now. Please be seated for a longer than average time and hear the words said in the podcast. All Calls (Definitely Not AI Generated). The Tropic of Capricorn.

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Ep. 753 – Casper

Casper ectoplasmically slides its way into our episode list this week! We just had to see what other gems Absolute Entertainment could cook up for us. Ian and Tyler had some very positive memories of this movie and Dave had never experienced it before so we’re ripe with movie talk on top of the game talk this week. We also talk about some Marvel movies, some Marvel shows, The Dark Tower and more. So won’t you come sit awhile and listen to some old guys talk about Casper, the friendly ghost?

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Ep. 752 – Toys

Toys! That long lauded movie that all sorts of kids completely misunderstood and had totally different expectations from has come to the shores of TADPOG. Worry not, we watched the movie and come fully equipped to talk about it as well as the game. Oh, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY. We celebrate that by taking a romantic comedy draft. Ian discusses some Overwatch news, we make plenty of The Dark Tower jokes (we cry your pardon if you don’t love The Dark Tower even thought you should). We talk about fishing on boats in various video games. But we know you’re ready for that juicy and delectable Toys talk for the movie and the game. So please, come sit awhile and listen!

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Ep. 751 – The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid kicks through the nostalgia wall directly in TADPOG studio. We all watched, or re-watched, the original so we could get into the proper mindset to play and review this NES game. So we talk plenty about the ins and outs of the movie (and dip our toe into the rest of the series) before we get started grinding down into the nitty gritty of the game. We do a draft. We talk a few movies but we really do spend a lot of time on the subject matter. So please sit awhile and listen!

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Ep. 750 – Top Gun

Top Gun flies into TADPOG studios! Does it safely land to proper fanfare? Or does it do a nosedive into the water right before the carrier like 99% of all landing attempts the general population did attempting to play this game? We discuss The Boys, Fargo, Final Fantasy VI, and even do a particular draft of insufferable jerks (we do use different verbiage though). So come here us do a deep dive into Top Gun, the movie, Top Gun: Maverick, and both the NES games – Top Gun and Top Gun: The Second Mission. So come, please sit awhile and listen.

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Ep. 749 – Drac’s Night Out

Drac’s Night Out is here and we are PUMPED! Get it? Because the game is sponsored by Reebok Pumps. Because Dracula needs those. But really, he does in this game. He’s like a reverse vampire where touching people kills him. We know this one sounds a little different (we do address is right away) but Tyler has finally succumb to COVID and needed to record remotely. We didn’t want to miss another week of telling you guys about Drac’s Night Out. So we do a Vampire draft, talk about vampires, and finally do a deep dive into this unreleased NES game game. So please just sit awhile and listen to Drac’s Night Out.

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Ep. 748 – All Calls Michelleaganza

All Calls Michelleaganza! YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. IT IS AN ALL CALLS EPISODE. THIS PARTICULAR EPISODE IS HEAVY ON CALLS FROM TERRIFIED MICHELLE. We love her and we had a great time doing this. We know all of you were craving that sweet sweet Drac’s Night Out unreleased NES game content but you’ll have to wait just a little longer. Don’t worry, we hit the TADPOG Bingo Card for reasons why we needed to do an All Calls episode. So please come sit awhile and listen to us talk to Michelle through time and space. All Calls Michelleaganza!

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Ep. 747 – Clue

Clue is here! We know the SNES game isn’t really based off the movie but it’s a really great excuse to also rewatch the Tim Curry classic since there may not be a huge amount to say about an SNES game based off a board game that plays…very much like a board game. So please come hang out with us while we talk some TV shows, FFXIV expansions, some Dark Tower, do a board game draft AND talk a whole lot about Clue the movie. And as much as the SNES game as possible. Clue!

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