Ep. 379 – 2016 Year in Review

2016 Year In Review

We got the band back together for a 2016 Year In Review! We’ve got Jacob York (of wolf fighting fame), we’ve got Wizened Sage Ian “the hottest girl in the Annex” Chandler, and we’ve got Burger Bottom Jon Turley. Despite bragging about providing Jacob with his own microphone…he still sounds off-mic (not sure why!). So it’s a tradition now, we guess! We pore over some tasty data and talk about what happened in TADPOG Nation during the dumpster fire that was 2016. There’s a lot of Rogue One talk. A lot. There are barking dogs. And we read the best listener postcard we’ve yet to receive! Continue reading

Ep. 378 – Final Fantasy Tactics (Part 2)

Final Fantasy Tactics Logo

In the midst of a Christmas flurry, we set aside a little time to finish talking about Final Fantasy Tactics. Even though we started discussing this game last episode, there’s still a lot of game talk in this one. We’re talking about a PlayStation game, so of course Mad Catz comes up, as does Final Fantasy XII. Tyler tells a GameStop story and we receive a postcard from Oxford. Continue reading

Ep. 377 – Final Fantasy Tactics (Part 1)

Final Fantasy Tactics

We’re talking about one of Tyler’s favorite games of all-time (that’s usually a joke but no sarcasm this time), Final Fantasy Tactics for the PlayStation. We open a package from TADPOG Santa Jack of Ziggy Moons and enjoy some Tapatio Doritos and Bacardi Watermelon Rum. Also, Zeros or Heroes, Nega Jesus, and Tellah weeps.  Continue reading

Ep. 376 – Toot Toot! All Calls!

Toot Toot!

Welcome to the debut episode of Toots! We have an enormous backlog of voicemail and a dearth of free time, so we’re calling an audible (sports!) and going with an All Calls episode. There’s some good stuff in this episode. We open a package from Jack of Ziggy Moons, inside this package is an artifact which will leave ripples in the TADPOG Universe for years to come. We also talk about which Friends characters we are (again).  Continue reading

Ep. 375 – Overwatch


Wizened Sage Ian and Untitled Ramon (of Super Bomberman 2 fame) join us to talk about Overwatch, the team-based first-person shooter by Blizzard Entertainment. There’s plenty of other stuff too! We give marriage advice, we talk about our competitive natures, we bond, we slowly but surely get drunker by the minute, and we play a game called Tyler Guesses Overwatch Characters Until We Run Out of Time.  Continue reading

Ep. 374 – Super House of Dead Ninjas

Super House of Dead Ninjas Title Screen

Now with 100% more sexual reference! Rhythm Master Paul Corn and Soul Sister Yarn Sorceress Chandra Corn join us for lively conversation about Super House of Dead Ninjas, the ninja-centric platformer by Megadev Games. We talk about other really important things like Emma Frost’s secret origin; invasion of privacy; Tapeworms! We do steal a joke from Paul F. Tompkins but it’s totally worth it. We try Swedish Fish Oreos, Root Beer and Orange Crush Pop-Tarts and read at least one review from taquitos.net.
Continue reading

Ep. 373 – All Calls Time Loop

All Calls Time Loop

TADPOG out with your rad hog out! Surprise, we’re doing another All Calls episode! Dave has had a rough couple of days. There’s another brief Zelda timeline rant. We talk about LOST a little bit. There’s a church camp story. We talk about D&D and Edition Wars. Does Dropbox suck? Important to note: most of these calls are from late July, back when the Beloved Adam War was raging, so keep *that* in mind.  Continue reading

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Ep. 372 – Beavis and Butt-Head (Genesis)

Beavis and Butt-Head Title Screen

Sandwich Pope Phil joins us to talk about his favorite game for the Sega Genesis (and possibly ever!), Beavis and Butt-Head. We open a package from Archmage Chris Edler and try some tater chips. We pitch Wayne’s Dark Dark Place. We talk about obtuse puzzles. Blue balls! Is it a thing? We talk about controversial television episodes.  Continue reading