Ep. 774 – Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Who Framed Roger Rabbit defies all trademarks and finally arrives at TADPOG shores. Not because the Mini Randomizer said so (that demi god’s domain only extends to SNES movie games) but because we just wanted to do it. We visit the Ian’s Horror Hole, discuss some new drops on Netflix, talk about some games AND WE BRING ON CAPTAIN GUN NERD JON TURLEY. We try some chocolate. We take a psychology quiz. We blind draft something….SO please come sit awhile and listen to use go on about not just the movie but also the game of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit Shownotes:


Ep. 773 – The Mask

The Mask, that means someone better stop us. You get it. The joke was smokin’. Get it? I’m throwing jokes at you like spicy meatballs. GET IT?! We watched the movie AND played the game yet again as part of our mini randomizer of authentic and high quality SNES movie games. This movie holds a special childhood place in all our hearts, so listen to us revisit it and review it then discuss how the game compares. We do a blind draft, Ian’s Mercari fiasco, and more. So please come sit awhile and listen to try to pull the Norse god Loki out of green mask in The Mask!

The Mask Shownotes:


Ep. 772 – TADPOG Cheat Day!

TADPOG Cheat day! That’s right, we had a quick turn around because of work related things so we treated ourselves to a cheat day. That means we just chat, do some fun little games (blind drafting) and just hang out. Not much game stuff for this one but if you feel like hanging out with us for a little while to cheat on your steady diet of video game content, please sit awhile and listen!

TADPOG Cheat Day Shownotes: