Ep. 699 – Freaky Friday…but with Wolves! vs The World Session Nineteen (A D&D Actual Play)

Freaky Friday…but with Wolves! vs. The World! Another Scott Pilgrim inspired Actual Play is on the books. the band spends time with an actual god, Norebo, and gets to play some very interesting and high stakes games of cards and Rock, Paper, Scissors. The band has a very opportune encounter with Ham Williams, The Bluegrass Man, and learn some very important information from him. Plans are made and the scene it set for The Kentucky Oaks Mall Music Festival and Fairgrounds. Freaky Friday…but with Wolves!

Freaky Friday…but with Wolves! vs. The World – Session Nineteen Shownotes:


  • Our theme song for this episode is Mess by Anamanaguchi. The bluegrass music used is called Shady Grove by Shake That Little Foot. All songs fall under the Creative Commons license and are available in full on this link to their albums in iTunes.
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Ep. 698 – Oops! All Drafts

Oops! All Drafts! We had to do it folks, it was a bad and busy week all the way around for all of us so we needed something easy that would we would really enjoy – so we asked our discord channel to step up and they certainly did! We whittled down a TON of suggestions to a list to a few choice selections that sounded fun and set to burning through them. AND to make things better, we had on Captain Gun Nerd Jon Turley to round them all out so no d4 can end the show prematurely. So hang out with us for awhile, won’t you?

Oops! All Drafts Shownotes:


Ep. 697 – Vortex

Vortex! Does it sound cool? Sorta! (In a 90s way) Was it fun? Define fun! Did it have an interesting history? Absolutely! The Randomizer dealt us an odd one with week with Vortex, a game none of us had heard of or seen. It was interesting and certainly has a place in the history of video games, along with it’s creator. So in addition to all things Vortex, we talk about Uno, Mario Party, and lots of anime – of course, there is also a draft! So please, come sit awhile and listen to Vortex.

Vortex Shownotes:


Ep. 696 – Williams Arcade’s Greatest Hits

Williams Arcade’s Greatest Hits! That’s right, we’re back to form this week with the Randomizer’s choice of this collection of classic arcade games from the 80s. It’s another special day – as of this recording TADPOG is officially 10 years old! We celebrate with a draft, a special gift for Ian, and a long anime discussion. But don’t worry, we delve into each of these games on this collection (we even have an entirely different episode on Joust alone). So come sit awhile, and listen to latest episode on our now 10 year journey.

Williams Arcade’s Greatest Hits Shownotes: