Ep. 676 – Rival Turf!

Rival Turf

Rival Turf! We have finally arrived at the last (it’s the first chronologically but the last for us to do) in the Rushing Beat Series. Thanks to Nintendo bringing literally anything Jaleco makes, at whatever discount the license comes at, to the Nintendo Switch Online platform. We have to talk about the movie Prey and many things about the Predator movies. Ian continues with journey into the dark realm of anime, Dave gives us a look into the WB Multiverse game, and Tyler discusses his streaming. And we talk quite a bit about Rival Turf!, what we think about it, and how is compares to the games it tries to emulate. So why not come sit awhile and listen to three old guys talk about an old game. Rival Turf!

Rival Turf! Shownotes:


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