Ep. 672 – McBeefOBradyHands vs. The World – Session Twelve (A D&D Actual Play)

McBeefOBradyHands vs. The World D&D Actual Play has finally come to pass! This sessions has the band leaving Jzadirune and plan their next steps. Their Rings of Black Wolf detection went off so they know they will have that to deal with soon, as well as having to come up against Bluegrass Man at the County Fair in just 4 days time. Lem can allegedly cure the Glow now, but how? Who should he try it on? Would it be too dangerous to go right to Jill? What about Lem’s own Glow? Is there more to that than meets the eye? Have all of these questions answered and more in Session Twelve of McBeefOBradyHands vs. The World a D&D Actual Play! (Yes, it is explained how this name was created.)

McBeefOBradyHands vs. The World – Session Twelve Shownotes:


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