Ep. 690 – The Irem Skins Game

The Irem Skins Game is totally a golf game and not something else, we were also very confused when we heard the title. Not many games have the developer and a mode as their title (which irem loves their name so much it is on the box art twice) so it sounds a bit odd. But hey! Golf game? Have we done a pure golf game before? You’d be surprised. Come hear us do a sandwich draft, open a wonderful package, talk horror, talk food, and talk a great deal about The Irem Skins Game.

The Irem Skins Game Shownotes:


Ep. 688 – GunForce

GunForce?! MORE LIKE FUNFORCE (trademark of Dave Moore) AMIRITE?!?!?! I would highly advise you listen and find out for certain, I mean look at that box art! And everyone has heard all about this SNES port of the GunForce arcade! We also talk about Halloween, the latest edition of “Ian’s Horror Hole” (Not trademarked, public domain), some anime recommendations, some Seinfeld references, and a very special quiz by one Mr. Puzzles Dane. Please sit awhile and listen.

GunForce Shownotes:


Ep. 644 – DinoCity


DinoCity – do you say it like Dino-City or all together like Dinocity? Well, we have to tackle that first. So we restructure things a little bit so that our flow may be a little different for this episode. We have to start off with weird stories from our local mall, how we were afraid of ethnic foods as children, how Ian will track down some 40 year old fans for the TADPOG Hollanddeck – then a new structured dive into DinoCity. Some come sit awhile and listen.

DinoCIty Shownotes:


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Ep. 460 – Kung Fu

Kung Fu

This week we scale five floors of the Devil’s Temple and punch our way through hoards of vest-wearing minions in order to talk about Kung Fu, the 1984 side-scrolling beat ’em up for the NES. We also talk about Tyler’s birthday, Jerry Stiller (of course), marriage, and bidets. We open a package from Sandwich Pope Phil and we play a few listener voicemails.
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