Ep. 713 – Brunswick World Championship Tournament

Brunswick World Championship Tournament! That practically screaming bowling! And look at all those very recognizable faces on that not at all terrible cover art! It came out so late in the SNES’ life cycle that you know it was of the utmost quality and we are so very blessed by the Randomizer to play this gem of a game. But we also do a draft, visit Ian’s Horror Hole and get a little anime in our “Animay I?” segment. Like, love, hate or feel neutral about bowling, sit down awhile and listen to this one, won’t you please? Brunswick World Championship Tournament!

Brunswick World Championship Tournament Shownotes:


Ep. 690 – The Irem Skins Game

The Irem Skins Game is totally a golf game and not something else, we were also very confused when we heard the title. Not many games have the developer and a mode as their title (which irem loves their name so much it is on the box art twice) so it sounds a bit odd. But hey! Golf game? Have we done a pure golf game before? You’d be surprised. Come hear us do a sandwich draft, open a wonderful package, talk horror, talk food, and talk a great deal about The Irem Skins Game.

The Irem Skins Game Shownotes:


Ep. 647 – The EA NHL Hockey Series

EA NHL Hockey Series

The EA NHL Hockey Series – who wants ALL OF THE HOCKEY?! The Randomizer dealt us NHLPA 93 but, The Breakfast Club style – we wanted the bull so we got the horns. We decided to go ahead and knock out NHLPA 93, NHL 94 (again), NHL 95, NHL 96, NHL 97, and NHL 98. So this episode is a real Girth Brooks and really not like any other sports game episode we have ever done. So we may have told you that we understand if you just download sports episode and not listen out of love, but (much like Roger Clemens Baseball) we think this one is really worth the listen.

The EA NHL Hockey Series Shownotes:


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