Ep. 443 – Louisville Arcade Expo 2018

Louisville Arcade Expo 2018

We are joined by Sandwich Pope Phil Hawkins and Time Lord Josh Edwards to talk about TADPOG Nation’s expedition to Louisville Arcade Expo 2018 (aka TADPOG Prom). We open listener mail that was personally delivered to us at Prom, we talk about Jager Lunch, video game tournaments, go karts and angry hotel neighbors.  Continue reading

Ep. 399 – RIP All Calls

RIP All Calls

Princess Consuela Banana Hammock Virginity Thief Taryn joins us for our final all calls show (let’s face it, probably not). We are answering voicemail from October and November 2016. Yep. We clear up some confusion about the origin of Dead Souls and Yetis and probably create more confusion in the process of explaining. We receive a gift from Mastermold Mike! We talk about dreams! We write a Skittles commercial. We talk about Football, BBQ and Jesus. And Taryn hears a voicemail that she forgot she left. Continue reading

Ep. 392 – All Calls with Bob EatsABaby

All Calls with Bob Eatsababy

All Calls are back, baby! We start by cracking open a package from Faceful of Alien Wing Wong. What’s inside that package? Is it a bunch of a region exclusive Doritos? Probably! Then we answer some listener voicemail. Tyler makes an important request to TADPOG Nation for the name of a cartoon featuring a wizard who controls shapes. We talk about Weird Skeeter. It’s revealed that Patron Saint Zach is old and TADPOG Sweetheart Josh is an immortal Mod God. There’s more Hoarders talk. And we start laying the groundwork for TADPOG Hunger Games. Continue reading

Ep. 382 – All Calls Talking About Mariah Carey

All Calls About Mariah Carey

Hey, wait a minute! Is this episode really about Mariah Carey, or are we just serving up some hot click bait? Either way, Melissa (aka Brainy Gatsby) joins us for an episode where we answer listener voicemail and text messages. What could possibly be more “Mariah Carey” than that? We talk about which games we’ve both spent playing; we discuss Sandwich Governors; we meet Chewbacco; we talk about Taylor Swift…kinda; and dad totally sends us a postcard from Beverly Hills!  Continue reading

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Ep. 376 – Toot Toot! All Calls!

Toot Toot!

Welcome to the debut episode of Toots! We have an enormous backlog of voicemail and a dearth of free time, so we’re calling an audible (sports!) and going with an All Calls episode. There’s some good stuff in this episode. We open a package from Jack of Ziggy Moons, inside this package is an artifact which will leave ripples in the TADPOG Universe for years to come. We also talk about which Friends characters we are (again).  Continue reading

Ep. 373 – All Calls Time Loop

All Calls Time Loop

TADPOG out with your rad hog out! Surprise, we’re doing another All Calls episode! Dave has had a rough couple of days. There’s another brief Zelda timeline rant. We talk about LOST a little bit. There’s a church camp story. We talk about D&D and Edition Wars. Does Dropbox suck? Important to note: most of these calls are from late July, back when the Beloved Adam War was raging, so keep *that* in mind.  Continue reading

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Ep. 371 – All Calls 2: Electric Boogaloo

All Calls 2 Electric Boogaloo

It’s time for an All Calls episode (well we’re really doing it because we need a buffer episode before we talk about Phantasy Star IV but we hope you enjoy it anyway). We play some listener voicemails and read text messages. We answer a magical Would You Rather. We talk about using the bathroom with cats. Sandwich Pope Phil goes through our backlog. Yes, we talk about dolphins again. Continue reading

Ep. 364 – All Calls Brought to You by Japoopzi

All Calls Japoopzi

All hail voice to text and autocorrect! We cover a lot of ground in this all calls episode. We talk about playing with toys for girls. We pitch a new idea for milk and invent a revolutionary new toilet. Sandwich Pope Phil tells a Frog and Toad story. We find out which Spider-man villains we are.

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