Ep. 702 – Speed Racer in My Most Dangerous Adventures

Speed Racer in My Most Dangerous Adventures! No Scott Pilgrim this week so we go back to the ever full well of The Randomizer – and it spit out Speed Racer. Remember that resurgence of Speed Racer in the 90s? Well, it’s here in FULL force today. It has been a minute since we have done a video game episode so we have plenty of movies and anime to go over with Ian, some great Fortnite talk with Dave, and a lack of a tooth from Tyler. We even take a good ol’ quiz from Ross Rachel Green. But we also have plenty of Speed Racer talk, not just the game but we cover the show as well. We didn’t watch the movie but we totally thought about it. Sit awhile and listen! Speed Racer in My Most Dangerous Adventures!

Speed Racer in My Most Dangerous Adventures Shownotes:


Ep. 447 – Mario’s Time Machine

Mario's Time Machine

Hot off the heels (hot on the heels?…whichever) of Mario Is Missing! We’re talking about the next Radical Entertainment and The Software Toolworks jam: Mario’s Time Machine. Ah, Mario’s Time Machine. It most certainly is a game. Thanks to Mastermold Mike Lanham for a surprise gift. DAVE WORD SLAMS HIS BOSS! We discuss the kind of person who works out in jeans, we talk about fake breasts, we recall what it was like to make our moms cry for the first time, and we pitch the Summer 2018 NES Classic. Tyler didn’t make any notes for this episode, so you know how good this one is going to be.  Continue reading

Ep. 446 – Mario Is Missing!

Mario Is Missing

It’s time to tune your Radical Datafax to TADPOG for a conversation on Mario Is Missing! You have something hard to drink, right? It may be needed to get through this game but maybe not through this episode. We talk condiments from across the pond (courtesy of Ross Rachel Green), Rap Snacks, there’s a hobo update, and a deep dive into Multiplicity. Collect three artifacts and summon whatever second rate Yoshi you can from Antarctica and our episode on Mario Is Missing!  Continue reading