Ep. 668 – Tecmo Super Bowl

Tecmo Super Bowl is finally here, after we annoucned it a few months ago. Why is it finally here? That’s because Covid finally arrived in the Holland household. So we bring back the true Randomizer and knock out all three Tecmo Super Bowl games for the SNES. Due to all the covid, we have to all be remote so just bear with us – we hope to be back in person next week in person with a new episode of the Scott Pilgrim game OR another gem gifted to us by the Randomizer. We talk what games we have been playing, some movies, and then do a deep dive into these games. We also take a jumbo quiz. Are you a fan of the Scott Pilgrim Game D&D sessions? If so, let’s see how you stack up against Ian and Dave when it’s quiz time! Tecmo Super Bowl!

Tecmo Super Bowl Shownotes:


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