Ep. 533 – Call of Cthulhu: The Piggy Palace (Actual Play)

Piggy Palace Call of Cthulhu Actual Play

It has been over two years since we have recorded our last actual play of the Call of Cthulhu tabletop role-playing game. Rhythm Master Paul Corn, Soul Sister Yarn Sorceress, and Casey (we’ll probably come up with a great title for him at some point) join us to roll up some investigators for a campaign entitled Piggy Palace. It’s an original story by Tyler that takes place in the crime-ridden streets of 1981 Vancouver, British Columbia. We present to you Chapter One of this story. The rest of the chapters will be available on our Patreon page. Chapter Two and a bonus session of our character creation is available there now!

Call of Cthulhu (Actual Play) Podcast Shownotes:


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Ep. 417 – Call of Cthulhu Wrap Up

With the Call of Cthulhu Actual Play finished, we decided to sit down and discuss the game. We ask questions like: What did the investigators miss? How else could the story have ended? Why didn’t Alex “Chili Dog” Peterson just uppercut Cthulhu? Joining the discussion is the sweetest pair of sweethearts you’ve ever met: Josh and Nicole (aka investigators Brock and Donna). Tyler explains the motivations and inspirations behind this game and Josh clarifies what he meant by “that ending sucks”.  Continue reading

Ep. 416 – Call of Cthulhu (Actual Play Part 9)

Call of Cthulhu

The date is August 9, 1977. This is it. This is the end. The investigators have Berkowitz’s .44 caliber revolver in their possession and are making plans to disrupt the Cthulian ritual. Will Donna, Brock and Chili Dog successfully thwart Lafitte and stop the coming of Cthulhu? Or will the bones of the investigators find a new residence beneath the New York City docks?  Continue reading

Ep. 415 – Call of Cthulhu (Actual Play Part 8)

Call of Cthulhu Actual Play Part 8

The date is August 9, 1977. Short of options, the investigators have recruited the help of CIA agent Mr. Zeus, who is also a member of the Knights Templar. The Knights have been working against cult leader Jean Lafitte for hundreds of years and were able to help the investigators locate Lafitte’s personal holdings in New York City: the Astor Hotel and several properties at the harbor. It was discovered that Lafitte had been working through a Leng Spider, disguised as a dog named “Harvey”, to instruct the Son of Sam. After doing some detective work and bartering drugs for information, the investigators received witness testimonial that Harvey had been seen driving the yellow Ford Galaxy which previously had been spotted by the investigators at the Process Church. Police records indicated that the Ford Galaxy is owned by one David Berkowitz. After tracking down Berkowitz’s address, the investigators are now on their way to the apartment of the Son of Sam.  Continue reading

Ep. 409 – Call of Cthulhu (Actual Play Part 7)

Call of Cthulhu Part7

It is late in the day on August 8, 1977. The investigators have finally dealt with the monstrous Harvey, saved the neighborhood children from their imminent demise, and—left with no other option—have contacted Mr. Zeus of the CIA and the Knights Templar to inform him of their situation. This recording picks up in Mr. Zeus’s vehicle while en route to his temple.  Continue reading

Ep. 408 – Call of Cthulhu (Actual Play Part 6)

Call of Cthulhu Actual Play Part 6

The date is August 8th, 1977. Investigators Brock Malone, Donna Jackson, and Alex “Chili Dog” Peterson have just had a horrific encounter with the dog known as Harvey, the alleged messenger to the Son of Sam. The investigators fled after Harvey revealed his true form, leaving their only lead in a flaming New York City alley. Left with dwindling options, the investigators decide to track down someone who might be their strongest ally or their worst enemy.  Continue reading

Ep. 406 – Call of Cthulhu (Actual Play Part 5)

Call of Cthulhu Part 5

The date is August 8th in the early hours of the morning. The investigators have recently had their minds broken and remolded into actual reality. Brock, Donna and Chili Dog now leave the Process Church—exhausted, broken and worried—and are on the way to investigate a necessary lead at the respective apartments of Steve and Ian, the owners of Studio 54. There will be skill ups!  Continue reading

Ep. 405 – Call of Cthulhu (Actual Play Part 4)

Call of Cthulhu Actual Play Part 4

The date is August 7, 1977. It is late into the night. The investigators have infiltrated the Process Church and have found their way through a locked room into a secret basement leading into darkness. The investigators can hear the sound of running water and quiet muttering echoing from deep within. A trap door reveals a carved stone staircase that descends into darkness. THERE WILL BE COMBAT.  Continue reading