Ep. 687 – Stone Protectors

Stone Protectors! Do you recall this 1993 SMASH hit cartoon that aired 8 episodes and tried to combine the troll doll craze with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle craze? No?! But it even had a Super Nintendo release! Still no?! Well, neither did we so we all played it and do a pretty deep dive into it. We had to start with the new tradition of some sort of food draft – this time it’s cookies! So we did that, visited Ian’s Horror Hole, discussed some games we had played, Ian reveals to use there is a Criterion Collection Streaming Service, and end with a binge of all the (now long expired) food that everyone has sent in to us. So please come sit awhile and listen to three white guys talk about things!

Stone Protectors Shownotes:


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