Ep. 472 – Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict

Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict

Did you know there was a Japanese-only Shining Force game that bridged Shining Force I and II? We didn’t until recently. So we played it. And we talk about it. We also talk about the loss of modern conveniences and which things were banned in our houses as children, so if you like Shining Force or maybe just like Tyler and Dave – check it out!
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Ep. 407 – Shining Force II (Part 2)

Shining Force II

Hi, we’re just two boys taking a break from the equinarium long enough to record an NSFW podcast episode about a tactical RPG. Yep, that’s right—we’re still gushing about Shining Force II, DigitalTrends’ fourth-ranked best Sega Genesis game. We open a package we received from Pinball Archmage Chris Edler and then talk about anthropomorphic animals who fight devils. Additionally, Tyler tries to shed his spider-sense by having his yes-yes hole washed out. Continue reading

Ep. 404 – Shining Force II (Part 1)

Shining Force 2

It’s been awhile since the Suicide Boys have discussed something from Digital Trends’ list of best Sega Genesis games, but here we are talking about Shining Force II. This 1993 tactical role-playing game is one of Tyler’s favorites and is a completely new experience for Dave. There’s actually lots of game talk in this episode but also a lot of catching up and announcements. Tyler blows Dave’s mind with a skin-related revelation, we open what we think is candy, and Dave plugs the Twitch channel a lot.  Continue reading

Ep. 378 – Final Fantasy Tactics (Part 2)

Final Fantasy Tactics Logo

In the midst of a Christmas flurry, we set aside a little time to finish talking about Final Fantasy Tactics. Even though we started discussing this game last episode, there’s still a lot of game talk in this one. We’re talking about a PlayStation game, so of course Mad Catz comes up, as does Final Fantasy XII. Tyler tells a GameStop story and we receive a postcard from Oxford. Continue reading

Ep. 377 – Final Fantasy Tactics (Part 1)

Final Fantasy Tactics

We’re talking about one of Tyler’s favorite games of all-time (that’s usually a joke but no sarcasm this time), Final Fantasy Tactics for the PlayStation. We open a package from TADPOG Santa Jack of Ziggy Moons and enjoy some Tapatio Doritos and Bacardi Watermelon Rum. Also, Zeros or Heroes, Nega Jesus, and Tellah weeps.  Continue reading