Ep. 410 – Super Street Fighter II

Super Street Fighter 2

We’re back on the Digital Trends list this week—which can only mean one thing—it’s time for Super Street Fighter II for the Sega Genesis. We talk about the game for a bit, but more importantly, we try a Marmite grilled cheese sandwich. We also open a listener package, pee in Swift the fox’s mouth, and brainstorm some charity stream ideas.  Continue reading

Ep. 407 – Shining Force II (Part 2)

Shining Force II

Hi, we’re just two boys taking a break from the equinarium long enough to record an NSFW podcast episode about a tactical RPG. Yep, that’s right—we’re still gushing about Shining Force II, DigitalTrends’ fourth-ranked best Sega Genesis game. We open a package we received from Pinball Archmage Chris Edler and then talk about anthropomorphic animals who fight devils. Additionally, Tyler tries to shed his spider-sense by having his yes-yes hole washed out. Continue reading

Ep. 333 – Jurassic Park: The Lost World

Jurassic Park: The Lost World Title Screen

Something. Has. Survived. We’re talking about Jurassic Park: The Lost World, the action-adventure game by Appaloosa Interactive. To be completely honest with you, we use this game as crude scaffolding in order to construct a podcast of tangential thoughts. Y’know, stuff like sex dreams, Archer versus Bob’s Burgers, the lovable puffball Qworby, comic strips like Calvin and Hobbes and Foxtrot, and the time a Founding Father transformed a man into a pig-man. Enjoy!

In This Episode:


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