Ep. 539 – Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia

Tyler lifted his head from his Donny Jeffcoat signed bat, uttering his final word of prayer to the Randomizer. “C…tic….Pl….er.” the Randomizer whispered. “What? Celtic Pliers? What do you wish of us, Randomizer?” Tyler screamed into the void. “Cine…ic….Plat…er.” the Randomizer replied. Strength growing in its voice. “You don’t mean? Please. No.” Tyler whimpered in the night. “CINEMATIC PLATFORMER! PRINCE OF PERSIA!” The Randomizer howled with malice! So this week Tyler and Dave tackled Prince of Persia for the SNES. But its not as bleak at the Randomizer likely intended it to be. We talk DOS, Aladdin, take a quiz and do some real talk about Prince of Persia. Enjoy!

Prince of Persia Podcast Shownotes:


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