Ep. 657 – A Fistful of Mayonnaise vs. The World – Session Four (A D&D Actual Play)

A Fistful of Mayonnaise vs. The World

A Fistful of Mayonnaise vs. The World! Any idea what that means? You probably think you do but it has more to do with alchemy that anything with the human body, we promise. The players have found their first key to subspace Jzadirune and explore more and more and they unlock the secrets hidden in their minds. Liz has a viewing of a very uncomfortable play. Benji contracts a very serious capitalistic magical jacketing disease. A large purple royal octopus introduces itself to the party. Lem finds the most special Quiznos. Benji inherits the mantle of Andre the Giant. Kenny wields the Buster Sword. All sorts of things happen that sound strange here but will make perfect sense as you follow the band through their first real trial as friends and a true band.

A Fistful of Mayonnaise vs. The World! Session Four Shownotes:


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