Ep. 455 – Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI

Put your party flag up because this week we are talking about Final Fantasy XI, the 2002 MMORPG by Square. We have wanted to do an episode on this game for a long time and we are joined by our resident MMOlogist, Shawn Miller of #MoreMiller fame. All three of us played Final Fantasy XI at its height and in this episode we barely scratch the surface of this immense game, but we do have a lot of fun reminiscing about our time spent in Vana’diel. We open a new package full of treats from listeners Bunny and Kira. We tell stories about our gross early apartments. Dave contributes to the stray cat population epidemic. And perhaps most notable for TADPOG Lore Masters, He Who Shall Not Be Named…is named. We had so much fun recording this one that we would like to continue it some day; we hope you enjoy.
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Ep. 393 – Ultima Online

Ultima Online

We’re joined by TADPOG Sweetheart Josh and Wizened Sage Ian to talk about Ultima Online, the 1997 MMO by Origin Systems. Things get hot and sweaty as we try a bunch of hot sauces sent to us by Faceful of Alien Wing Wong. Burger Bottom Jon gets a new title (sorry Jon). Dave becomes intoxicated by memories of virtual murder. Who knew four sweaty adult men crammed into a blanket fort could have this much fun? Continue reading