Ep. 009 – Super Turrican 2

Super Turrican 2

This week we’re rolling from left to right while shooting every direction but diagonally while talking about Super Turrican 2 for the Super Nintendo.

In This Episode:

  • Email suggestions for the worst SNES game by March 4th.
  • 100,000 TADPOG points to the person who creates Beard Science, a Weird Science parody.
  • 10,000 TADPOG points to the first person to write a faq for Super Turrican 2. Points redeemable for one lap pillow.
  • What?! No gamefaqs?
  • “You can’t shoot diagonally! That’s how we’ll get ’em!”
  • The boss of Super Turrican 2.
  • Haunted elevator!
  • “Someone ripped someone off, dammit!”
  • Tunnel o’ Beholders.
  • Space fish are very handy.
  • Space spiders and graboids.
  • Tyler is a self-proclaimed ninja rope expert.
  • Unnecessary risks are taken.
  • Did we use the level skip code a lot? Yes.
  • “Just ride the sandworm train all the way to victory.”
  • Salvador Dalí: the Game.
  • Factor 5: Where are they now?
  • Ocean: Where are they now?
  • Balbo Biggins and Dewey Wetness
  • Tyler quizzes Dave from the latest issue of Game Informer – Japenese RPG or State of Florida?

What We’ve Been Playing:

  • Dave is punishing himself by playing Dark Souls.
  • Tyler is solving mysteries in Professor Layton and is about to start Majora’s Mask.

Mentioned in the Show:

Shout Outs:

  • Ramon Castillo
  • Kevin Link
  • Manji1
  • Baby Dhibs
  • Zach N.
  • Micah Perdue
  • Blake Woods
  • Nicole Nance
  • Josh Nance of co-host fame
  • Meg Holland
  • Megalixir
  • Laura Chiles Ammons
  • Dennis Robison
  • Matt Barger
  • Nikki Moore
  • Jess Dockrey – suggstreetpost.com


Theme Song:

  • The song Moves by Sycamore Drive was used as our intro/outro under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.o United States License.

10 responses to “Ep. 009 – Super Turrican 2

  1. Matt B

    Glad to see that Turrican 2 gets some love from IGN. Its often overlooked and I think most people pass over it due to being relatively obscure and expensive.

    • Yeah, I had never heard of the game prior to finding it on IGN’s list. You’re right, it’s pricey; we saw it listed on Amazon for about $90. I’m surprised that nugget of info didn’t make it into this episode.

      Based on your comment, I’m assuming you’re a fan of the game?

      • Matt B

        Its not in my top 10 SNES list, but it is a nice change of pace. I recommend everyone at least play it at some point. Its certainly not for everyone, but it is entertaining.

        I remember back when I worked at Video Game Depot, we had a distributor find tons of sealed SNES games and we sold them at fantastic prices. I think we had about 20 of these and sold them for $25 brand new (this would have been around 2001-2002ish)

  2. Are Tadpog points redeemable at Food Giant for Mondo?…if not can you guys make that happen for me

    • Thousands of TADPOG volunteers are slaving around the clock to make this dream a reality. Stay tuned.

    • Redeeming your TADPOG points is simple, just obtain a full text transcript, preferably by hand and in cursive, of the show in which you are authorized to receive your TADPOG points. Have them signed by your local TADPOG Chapter Head (subject to availability), place the signed transcript in a humidor of your choice and leave it in my garage over night. Come back in the morning to find your due amount of Mondo!

      (Garage and Mondo also subject to availability)

      • Micah

        I guess that explains why when I just went through the line at Food Giant with a pallet full of Mondo and the kid looked at me crazy when I told him to charge it to the TADPOG account. I didn’t realize yall had cut out the middle man and I could pick it up directly from you.

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