Ep. 147 – The Return of The Return of the All Call-In Show

The Return of The Return of the All Call In Show

TADPOG Nation, the time has come again for SIDEPOG this fine Monday. We’ve been so busy with Ready Player One that we haven’t gotten to go through our call log. Your calls are very important so we needed to have a whole episode to get through most of them. Do you like gross stories along with answering calls? Tyler is a little ashamed of his intro since he believes to be very gross as are the others. So we’re just letting you know what you’re in for with the episode. It has jokes, it has gross intros, you know, just gross stories and phone calls. You take the gross, the really gross and have a good time. Also, in effort to bring all the Holland clan on TADPOG, Ryan Holland joins us on this episode and does not disappoint.

In This Episode:


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