Ep. 754 – All Calls (Definitely Not AI Generated)

All Calls (Definitely Not AI Generated) come back. We are not AI for the purposes of this episode. We are old men playing old games. The games are not right now but there are calls coming instead. It is our hope that you enjoy the calls that you made to us. Terrified Michelle is a caller that made several calls but there is also Beloved Adam. What a guy. Callers are also named Aaron and Brewpounder. Ian likes television shows and talks about one where blind people do not come from Jason Momoa but people who can see do. You will meet understanding upon listening. Goodbye for now. Please be seated for a longer than average time and hear the words said in the podcast. All Calls (Definitely Not AI Generated). The Tropic of Capricorn.

All Calls Shownotes:


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