Ep. 004 – Uniracers


We have a special guest host with us on this episode, Josh Nance, who is talking with us about Uniracers. He is our resident Uniracers expert, and has actually beheld the Anti Uni with his own eyes.

In This Episode:
Josh draws powerful, powerful blades.
Tyler revels in the Wheel of Time, Book Fourteen.
In the beginning there was only Uni God.
We’re concerned about Goldwyn’s mental stability.
Tyler tells us which names weren’t cool enough for Uniracers.
Nintendo’s response to Sonic the Hedgehog.
Pixar’s lawsuit.
Grand Theft Uniracer.
Youtube comment gold.
Uniracer backgrounds brought to you by Galactus.
Gran Turino, Gran Turismo… whatever.
TADPOG Mandate Number One.
Mondo, we are open to sponsorship opportunities.

What We’ve Been Playing:
Dave has been lopping off limbs in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and Gunzerking with Blake and Tyler in Borderlands 2.
Josh tore through FTL: Faster Than Light.
Tyler landed on Commando in Borderlands 2.

Mentioned in the Show:
The Pixar short, Red’s Dream
A sad display of Uniracers gameplay (The videos have expired, but you can still visit the twitch.tv TADPOG channel)

Shout Outs:
Jacob: @jkobbster
Jessica of suggstreetpost.com
Nikki: @Nirbymoore
Blake, it doesn’t sound like it in this episode, but we still love you, we promise.

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The song Moves by Sycamore Drive was used as our intro/outro under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.o United States License.

8 responses to “Ep. 004 – Uniracers

  1. Zach N

    A friend of mine recommended that I play this game when I went on a snes kick a couple of years back. It just slipped my mind and I ended up never giving a shot. When I saw that you guys had played it I thought “oh yeah that game Daniel told me about!” and figured at this point it must be fate. Ok, maybe it wasn’t fate, but still I ended up really liking this game. The biggest thing that bothered me was the screen size. That is to say, I wish your view was pulled back just a tad bit more. That just bugged me a little. Other than that I really liked the game. It reminded me of the Trials games for PC some, and I mother freaking LOVE the Trials games. If you haven’t played any of them you should give Trials 2 a look, it’s on Steam. I think you can play a flash version of a few of the older ones for free actually. Anywho, I’ll end my long dumb comment now. Keep up the great show guys! Really looking forward to the Batman & Robin episode!

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