Ep. 012 – Blackthorne


Former Number One Super Fan, Blake Woods sits down with us to talk about Blackthorne (so metal). The 1994 Blizzard Entertainment classic for the Super Nintendo.

In This Episode:

  • Megalixir has provided the show with an awesome Blackthorne cover! Listen to the track here.
  • You definitely want to keep the hobo portals closed.
  • Breaking Borderlands2 (unlimited moneys!).
  • TADPOG: the Cobra Kai of podcasting.
  • The 999 “Big Boob Hate Conspiracy”.
  • The Chrono Trigger / EarthBound buzzer.
  • Pop-Ice, pee, and a little brother.
  • Micah, we need a Tuul Time mashup, please.
  • Blake fanfic.
  • Blackthorne, made by this guy.
  • Dave remembers Blackthorne from the print ad.
  • Kyle? Kyle?? Kyle???
  • “Always kill responsibly”.
  • The Androthi. Nature finds a way.
  • Blackthorne needs the Eiffel Tower, like Top Gear 2.
  • Rat tails.
  • A dirtbag super combo.
  • An eighty-person shoe.
  • Blizzard Entertainment – the most half-assed Where Are They Now? yet.
  • Blake’s got what we call The Mondo Fever.

What We’ve Been Playing:

  • Dave swears a lot and makes Tyler so happy by playing The World Ends With You.
  • Tyler made a lot of high school monster games and pirate horror games while taking a dump in Game Dev Story. He’s still very much enjoying 999.
  • Blake is one of many who comes on the show and claims to have purchased a full woodworking shop. He’s been getting the zombies under control in Global Outbreak and breaking into college libraries to close hobo portals in Ingress.

Mentioned in the Show:

Shout Outs:

  • Blake Woods, for driving from Oklahoma.
  • Kevin Link
  • Ramon Castillo
  • Micah Perdue
  • Matt Barger x2
  • Megalixir
  • Adam Beerdan
  • Dennis Robison
  • TheGamesta
  • Laura Ammons
  • DrewRowland82
  • Jess Dockrey – suggstreetpost.com


Theme Song:

  • This week, the great group Megalixir supplied us with a great Blackthorne cover to use on this milestone episode! Our regular theme song is Moves by Sycamore Drive was used as our intro/outro under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.o United States License.