Ep. 012 – Blackthorne


Former Number One Super Fan, Blake Woods sits down with us to talk about Blackthorne (so metal). The 1994 Blizzard Entertainment classic for the Super Nintendo.

In This Episode:

  • Megalixir has provided the show with an awesome Blackthorne cover! Listen to the track here.
  • You definitely want to keep the hobo portals closed.
  • Breaking Borderlands2 (unlimited moneys!).
  • TADPOG: the Cobra Kai of podcasting.
  • The 999 “Big Boob Hate Conspiracy”.
  • The Chrono Trigger / EarthBound buzzer.
  • Pop-Ice, pee, and a little brother.
  • Micah, we need a Tuul Time mashup, please.
  • Blake fanfic.
  • Blackthorne, made by this guy.
  • Dave remembers Blackthorne from the print ad.
  • Kyle? Kyle?? Kyle???
  • “Always kill responsibly”.
  • The Androthi. Nature finds a way.
  • Blackthorne needs the Eiffel Tower, like Top Gear 2.
  • Rat tails.
  • A dirtbag super combo.
  • An eighty-person shoe.
  • Blizzard Entertainment – the most half-assed Where Are They Now? yet.
  • Blake’s got what we call The Mondo Fever.

What We’ve Been Playing:

  • Dave swears a lot and makes Tyler so happy by playing The World Ends With You.
  • Tyler made a lot of high school monster games and pirate horror games while taking a dump in Game Dev Story. He’s still very much enjoying 999.
  • Blake is one of many who comes on the show and claims to have purchased a full woodworking shop. He’s been getting the zombies under control in Global Outbreak and breaking into college libraries to close hobo portals in Ingress.

Mentioned in the Show:

Shout Outs:

  • Blake Woods, for driving from Oklahoma.
  • Kevin Link
  • Ramon Castillo
  • Micah Perdue
  • Matt Barger x2
  • Megalixir
  • Adam Beerdan
  • Dennis Robison
  • TheGamesta
  • Laura Ammons
  • DrewRowland82
  • Jess Dockrey – suggstreetpost.com


Theme Song:

  • This week, the great group Megalixir supplied us with a great Blackthorne cover to use on this milestone episode! Our regular theme song is Moves by Sycamore Drive was used as our intro/outro under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.o United States License.

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  8. Mitchell Tynes

    So, finally started to listen to the episodes . Got to here and read a bit of the description and was a bit excited to hear from this “so called Blake.” Much time and effort has been put behind his origin story, and was definitely curious to audibly separate the man from the myth. Disappointed it’s not here, especially since the notes are the longest for any episode so far. So, until you recover this lost gem, I will no longer accept the false reality of Blake.

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