Ep. 007 – Top Gear 2

Top Gear 2

Based on our research, Top Gear 2 shows all the characteristics of a racing game for the Super Nintendo.

In This Episode:
Grumpy Cat is nicer than Tyler.
Tyler’s wife loves two things: stonefaced reading and E! News
Time travel Super Bowl. SPORTZ!
Abercrombie breaks away from Fitch and writes a book.
Dave has technically played a Pheonix Wright game.
Two things make Tyler cry.
Cybernetic ninjas need to yell at racers while they drive.
TADPOG loses a valuable sponsorship.
Life lesson learned: the more expensive an item is, the better it is.
Ghostbusters vs. Top Gear 2.
Marriage Rapture didn’t work out, soooo… Shao Kahn’s Racing Tournament.
Everything’s cool enough for Top Gear 2.
Mr. Feeny and Uncle Phil.
Dave is a true journalist.
Never, never let this developer eat after midnight.
Clint Eastwood is a big fan of the show.
It’s Tyler’s fault 100% of the time.
Video games, barrel jokes and driving pellows.

What We’ve Been Playing:
Dave finished Cave Story and started La-Mulana and New Super Mario Bros. for the DS.
Tyler played La-Mulana and Professor Layton: The Last Specter.

Mentioned in the Show:
NCIS fanfiction

Shout Outs:
Matt Barger
Nikki Moore
David Dycus
Dennis Robinson
Jess Dockrey of suggstreetpost.com
Jacob York
Blake Woods
Micah Perdue

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The song Moves by Sycamore Drive was used as our intro/outro under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.o United States License.

19 responses to “Ep. 007 – Top Gear 2

  1. Tyler

    Blake? He’s back?

  2. Zach N

    Awesome episode guys. Your impressions weren’t far off from what I was thinking they would be lol. I actually LOVED Top Gear back in the day. Not 2, but the original Top Gear. I never actually owned it, but my neighbor growing up did. We were only a year apart and both had a snes so we would always figure out what game the other was asking for on Christmas and make sure we asked for different games and then swap so we could play more games haha. Hey, not back thinking for 5 ish year olds xD. I do remember later on getting to play Top Gear 2000 I believe it was called, maybe 3000… Top Gear something thousand I know for sure. Anywho after going back and trying out Top Gear 2, it’s actually REALLY similar to that one. Really the only difference is the graphics are a tad bit better. Other than that they’re almost the exact same thing. I think the thousand one might have less tracks though (zero research done here though, this is entirely from memory lol so don’t quote me there) I will say this though. You guys HAVE… and I meen absolutely HAVE to look up about a minute long video on youtube of this Japanese guy playing the original Top Gear title screen music on an electric guitar. It sounds phenomenal! It amps you up like crazy you just gotta give it a listen. After hearing one of you (sorry can’t remember which) in this episode mention liking the music I instantly thought I’d come here and point you towards that video. Anywho keep up the awesome work love your show!

  3. Hey Zach, I’m glad you enjoyed this episode!
    I’m impressed that you actually played Top Gear 2 before; it was one of those rare games that neither of us had even heard of.
    I’m listening to the guitar track of the Top Gear 2 theme right now; it’s awesome, thanks for the tip! I’m definitely going to post it on our facebook page for everyone to hear.

  4. Zach N

    It’s really thanks to my neighbors dad. He was a HUGE Nascar fan and bought Top Gear games and some other racing for “for his son” and just so happened to play them lol. Because of that we had access to them as well haha. Also, sorry I had so many Top Gear titles in that post it may have got confusing. I should have just posted a link so I will now. It’s the Top Gear 1 them song that I was talking about. It will blow your mind please listen to it I wanna know what ya think too lol

  5. Zach N

    Sorry, I had one too many “top gear”s in there and I can see where it got confusing because of that, but I meant the orignal Top Gear 1 theme song lol. I can’t figure out how to put the link in here from youtube, but here is the EXACT video title “OZIELZINHO Tema do Top Gear guitarra”. Look up that one, and then you’ll see what all my excitement was about.

  6. Zach N

    Again, just reallising that my comment did in fact go through and the link did work. My appologies once again for over commenting thinking things didn’t go through. From now on, I shall be more patient.

  7. If you flip anymore SUV’s ill sell ya a new one real fast 😉

  8. Matt B

    As awesome as the NCIS fanfiction is, I think the comments left behind are even better.

    “I think Miss Abbytude is going to have serious explaining to do. Loving this story, please continue!”

    “Do I enjoy Gibbs spanking them, you bet, but I also enjoy your thought out story lines and family comradery.”

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