Ep. 501 – The 7th Saga

The 7th Saga

And on that day, Tyler and Dave began their long journey through the entire remainder of the SNES Library. How many companions would they discover along the way? How many forgotten treasures? How many tangents about their junk would lead them astray? Only time will tell. Join them today on the journey of 714 steps with The 7th Saga. But only if you have the strength of Ron Perlman, the dexterity of Ron Perlman, and the broadness of chin of, well, Ron Perlman.

The 7th Saga Podcast Shownotes:


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Ep. 479 – Cosmic Star Heroine

Cosmic Star Heroine

Hey! We got review copies of Cosmic Star Heroine for the Nintendo Switch courtesy of Zeboyd Games. So we bring on our hardcore heroine expert Saint Zach. We open some packages. WE DO A MOSTLY SPOILER FREE REVIEW of this game, we only flub up on a few very minor points. Bovine Bear Quizmaster Matt gives us a Heroine Quiz and Zach treats you to his bird story for a stinger. ENJOY!
Continue reading

Ep. 429 – Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy

We, TADPOG, will knock you all down!! Just kidding! We just want to podcast about Final Fantasy, the 1987 role-playing game for the NES. We’ve formed our four-person Party of Light by inviting Josh Nance (of Uniracers fame) and Drew Rowland of (Hops and Heroes fame) to guest-host. This is a game-heavy episode for sure, but don’t worry there is a “Weird Final Fantasy Syllable Replacement Quiz”.  Continue reading

Ep. 417 – Call of Cthulhu Wrap Up

With the Call of Cthulhu Actual Play finished, we decided to sit down and discuss the game. We ask questions like: What did the investigators miss? How else could the story have ended? Why didn’t Alex “Chili Dog” Peterson just uppercut Cthulhu? Joining the discussion is the sweetest pair of sweethearts you’ve ever met: Josh and Nicole (aka investigators Brock and Donna). Tyler explains the motivations and inspirations behind this game and Josh clarifies what he meant by “that ending sucks”.  Continue reading

Ep. 416 – Call of Cthulhu (Actual Play Part 9)

Call of Cthulhu

The date is August 9, 1977. This is it. This is the end. The investigators have Berkowitz’s .44 caliber revolver in their possession and are making plans to disrupt the Cthulian ritual. Will Donna, Brock and Chili Dog successfully thwart Lafitte and stop the coming of Cthulhu? Or will the bones of the investigators find a new residence beneath the New York City docks?  Continue reading

Ep. 415 – Call of Cthulhu (Actual Play Part 8)

Call of Cthulhu Actual Play Part 8

The date is August 9, 1977. Short of options, the investigators have recruited the help of CIA agent Mr. Zeus, who is also a member of the Knights Templar. The Knights have been working against cult leader Jean Lafitte for hundreds of years and were able to help the investigators locate Lafitte’s personal holdings in New York City: the Astor Hotel and several properties at the harbor. It was discovered that Lafitte had been working through a Leng Spider, disguised as a dog named “Harvey”, to instruct the Son of Sam. After doing some detective work and bartering drugs for information, the investigators received witness testimonial that Harvey had been seen driving the yellow Ford Galaxy which previously had been spotted by the investigators at the Process Church. Police records indicated that the Ford Galaxy is owned by one David Berkowitz. After tracking down Berkowitz’s address, the investigators are now on their way to the apartment of the Son of Sam.  Continue reading

Ep. 401 – Call of Cthulhu (Actual Play Part 1)

Call of Cthulhu Actual Play Part 1

It has been a little over a year since we have recorded an actual play of a tabletop role-playing game. So! We got the band back together. That’s right, baby! TADPOG Sweethearts Josh and Nicole Nance join us to roll up some investigators for a Call of Cthulhu Actual Play entitled “August 5th, 1977”. It’s an original story by Tyler so it’s kind of a big deal. It has been awhile since any of us have played Call of Cthulhu—so we spend some time shaking off the rust—but we assure you that characters get created. Continue reading

Ep. 390 – Persona 4

Persona 4

Drew and Bailey from Hops and Heroes join us to give their impressions of Persona 4, the RPG by Atlus. We do talk about the game a little, but there are lots of tangents about Bailey’s hair, the delicious and affordable Aldi/Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving, using an iPad with a large fleshy sponge-finger and of course Chris Gaines. Continue reading