Ep. 441 – Ninja Gaiden

Ninja Gaiden

Like two ghosts in the moonlight, the ninja podcasters stalk their prey. Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about Ninja Gaiden for the NES. If that’s not enough: We talk about jeans! We offhandedly mention Shallow Hal! There’s a Ninja Quiz!  Continue reading

Ep. 440 – Dream Daddy

Dream Daddy

On this week’s episode, we are continuing our Valentine’s Day tradition by talking about a romantic game with Rhythm Master Paul and Soul Sister Yarn Sorceress Chandra. The romantic game being discussed? Why that would be the 2017 (that counts as “old” right?) visual novel Dream Daddy published by Game Grumps. But that’s not all! We also eat Bad Dog spicy jellies and there is a “TV Dads Quiz”.  Continue reading

Ep. 439 – Metroid


TADPOG Sweetheart Josh Nance (resident Metroid lover) joins us to talk about Metroid for the NES on this week’s episode. We open a package from Kira and Bunny. There is a “Sounds Like Oid” Quiz.  Continue reading

Ep. 438 – Mega Man 2

Mega Man 2

This week we’re back, baby! And we’re talking about Mega Man 2 for the NES. We also open a big package from Mastermold and a couple of Christmas cards. We also talk about R. Kelly and DMX a little, and there is a “robots in pop-culture” quiz.  Continue reading

Ep. 437 – Super Mario Bros. The Movie

Super Mario Bros. The Movie

In 1990, a dark decision was made with a house of light. A diabolical deal was struck and the Super Mario Bros. movie was greenlit. On this very special declassified episode, we sit down to talk about this dystopian romp through a cyberpunk alternate universe. Dave legitimately gets upset and removes his glasses, which temporarily breaks the illusion spell which conceals his true identity, revealing his demonic form. So…if you’re into that kind of thing, do we have an episode for you!  Continue reading

Ep. 436 – Mario Bros.

Mario Bros.

Wednesday is upon us again, and we’re continuing our quest to discuss each game on the NES Classic. In this episode we’re talking about Mario Bros. No, not that Mario Bros., the original Mario Bros. Y’know, the 1983 arcade platformer that was ported to the NES. It’s been a snowy week here at TADPOG HQ, so there are a few snow stories. We also decide that it’s important to know your sexual lemons. We learn about Kario, there is a celebrity twins quiz, and we take some calls.  Continue reading

Ep. 435 – Kirby’s Adventure

Kirby's Adventure

This week we’re continuing our playthrough of the games on the NES Classic by talking about Kirby’s Adventure, the 1993 Nintendo platformer. We talk about the game for quite a bit but we also try a spicy package from Padawan Joey Webster; dwell on Family Feud; and Dave administers the darkest quiz we’ve ever done on the show!  Continue reading

Ep. 434 – Kid Icarus

Kid Icarus

We could be out searching for three sacred treasures and squaring off against Medusa’s army, but we decided to just record a podcast episode about Kid Icarus instead. That’s right, we’re still playing through the games on the NES Classic in alphabetical order and now Nintendo’s 1987 action platformer gets its turn in the spotlight. Also: the podcast is now five years old! We open a spicy package from Ruby Baron Paul Clewell of Loaded Cart Podcast, and in honor of the protagonist of Kid Icarus, there is a Famous Pits Quiz.  Continue reading